Clean Build
Face plate is signed and numbered by the artist and mod maker
30MM self adjusting 510 connector
Box is Hand painted then coated with no less then 3 coats of clear coat too add in the images protection
3d battery sled
black ribbon to remove batteries with ease
the box contains two voltage meters one on the front of the box the other is on the inside of the box

*Do not use coils or builds lower then .26 ohms on this box*

4s Intelligent PWM (iPWM) board has many of the features of the most advanced regulators at a fraction of the cost!
– Silent PWM – PWM switches at 25 KHz, resulting in a more accurate voltmeter reading and no buzzing sound.
– Favorites Setting – Store your most-used pot setting and recall it at any time.
– Low battery cutoff – shuts off if the batteries gets too low.
– Reverse Polarity Protection – Board is not damaged if the batteries are installed backwards.
– Temperature Protection – Board will shut down if it gets too hot
– 180A PFET on Board

(There are slight imperfections on this box.)


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